Frozen Acrylamide Gels as Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Matrices #DNPNMR

Viger-Gravel, J., et al., Frozen Acrylamide Gels as Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Matrices. Angewandte Chemie, 2017. 129(30): p. 8852-8856.

Aqueous acrylamide gels can be used to provide dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) NMR signal enhancements of around 200 at 9.4 T and 100 K. The enhancements are shown to increase with crosslinker concentration and low concentrations of the AMUPol biradical. This DNP matrix can be used in situations where conventional incipient wetness methods fail, such as to obtain DNP surface enhanced NMR spectra from inorganic nanoparticles. In particular, we obtain 113Cd spectra from CdTe-COOH NPs in minutes. The spectra clearly indicate a highly disordered cadmium-rich surface.

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