EUROMAR 2016, July 3-7 in Aarhus, Denmark

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Dear colleagues

The EUROMAR 2016 Ampere conference takes place in Aarhus, Denmark July 3rd-7th 2016. Registration and abstract submission is available through the web-site: Early bird registration and abstract deadline is April 15, 2016. Note that the conference offers a significantly student discounts and that cheap housing is available along with high quality hotel rooms – booking of accommodation is possible together with the registration. 

The conference will cover a broad list of topics within magnetic resonance, and participation of a long list of distinguished speakers presenting their latest research is confirmed. For details, please visit

Please note that Aarhus is #13 in New York Times list of places to go in 2016 ( and has been highlighted as top-5 exciting place to visit by Vogue ( Finally it is worht noting that midsummer where the sun sets after 10 pm is the best time of year to visit Denmark.

We look forward to welcoming you in Aarhus this summer for an outstanding conference. You may read more about the conference on the web site above and meet us at Facebook:

On behalf of the organisers,

Frans Mulder & Thomas Vosegaard


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