Comparison of Overhauser DNP at 0.34 and 3.4 T with Frémy’s Salt

Türke, M.T. and M. Bennati, Comparison of Overhauser DNP at 0.34 and 3.4 T with Frémy’s Salt. Appl. Magn. Reson., 2012: p. 1-10.

Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) is investigated in the liquid state using a model system of Frémy’s salt dissolved in water. Nuclear magnetic resonance signal enhancements at 0.34 and 3.4 T of the bulk water protons are recorded as a function of the irradiation time and the polarizer concentration. The build-up rates are consistent with the T 1n of the observed water protons at room temperature (for 9 GHz/0.34 T) and for about 50 ± 10 °C at 94 GHz/3.4 T. At 94 GHz/3.4 T, we observe in our setup a maximal enhancement of −50 at 25 mM polarizer concentration. The use of Frémy’s salt allows the determination of the saturation factors at 94 GHz by pulsed ELDOR experiments. The results are well consistent with the Overhauser DNP mechanism and indicate that higher enhancements at this intermediate frequency require higher sample temperatures.

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