Brute-force solvent suppression for DNP studies of powders at natural isotopic abundance #DNPNMR

Thureau, Pierre, Marie Juramy, Fabio Ziarelli, Stephane Viel, and Giulia Mollica. “Brute-Force Solvent Suppression for DNP Studies of Powders at Natural Isotopic Abundance.” Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 99 (July 2019): 15–19.

A method based on highly concentrated radical solutions is investigated for the suppression of the NMR signals arising from solvents that are usually used for dynamic nuclear polarization experiments. The presented method is suitable in the case of powders, which are impregnated with a radical-containing solution. It is also demonstrated that the intensity and the resolution of the signals due to the sample of interest is not affected by the high concentration of radicals. The method proposed here is therefore valuable when sensitivity is of the utmost importance, namely samples at natural isotopic abundance.

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