Baudin, Mathieu, Basile Vuichoud, Aurélien Bornet, Geoffrey Bodenhausen, and Sami Jannin. “A Cryogen-Consumption-Free System for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at 9.4 T.” Journal of Magnetic Resonance 294 (September 1, 2018): 115–21.

A novel system for dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization based on a cost-effective “cryogen-free” magnet that can generate fields up to 9.4 T with a sample space that can reach temperatures below 1.4 K in a continuous and stable manner. Polarization levels up to P(1H) = 60 ± 5% can be reached with TEMPOL in about 20 min, and P(13C) = 50 ± 5% can be achieved using adiabatic cross polarization.

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